Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oceanography Lessons in the Bathtub

As Pumpkin was taking a bath this evening, she starts pushing the water around her body with her arms.  As the current circles around her, my very first thought is how I'd often do that as a kid, too.  I watch her for a bit, then decide to talk about it.  I ask if her duckies are moving with the current she's making.  She glances at them intently as only a 3 year old can before answering yes.

So we talk about ocean currents and waves, and how they make things move in the ocean.  We relate it to the Disneynature Oceans movie we watched earlier today.  (More science lessons there: the food chain - lots of things get eaten in that movie; life cycles - sea turtles hatch from eggs on land and scurry back to the water as soon as they're born; taxonomy - though I wrack my brain to remember King Philip Came Over For Green Spinach, I opt for a simple preschool version of "Whales have blowholes because they're mammals and breathe air, and sharks have gills because they're fish and breathe water.")

Then my precocious 3 year old attempts to make a whirlpool to sink her duckies.  As she splashes water all over us, we erupt into giggles and I'm reminded what a tremendous blessing homeschooling is, and how learning opportunities are all around us, every moment.  We definitely don't keep regular school hours.  For a 3 year old, life is school.  I hope she continues to see each day as filled with amazing discoveries just waiting to be experienced.

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