Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dave Ramsey, Here We Go!

We just got back from our first Financial Peace University class today. We've been basically following
along with his plan for about 2 years now, but we don't always have the "gazelle-like intensity" he calls for.  We sometimes take a leisurely stroll through the plains rather than running as intensely as a gazelle runs from a cheetah.

We're proud of our decision to adopt without going into debt, but we know it'll take a lot more focus and intensity to pay off all our debt, especially my student loan - Yikes!  But I know we can do it.

I'm excited to have the accountability, and the support behind us by being in the class.  We've made TONS of changes to our lifestyle, but I know we'll discover even more ways as we talk with others in the class.  (Like, maybe I'll actually use the cute little cash envelopes I made earlier this year - LOL)  See, I have great intentions.  Accountability actually helps me follow through.  Can anyone relate?

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  1. We made the decision to live debt free (except for mortgage) many years ago. It is the best decision you can make for yourself, your marriage and your family. Being debt free and student loan free before adopting is a wise decision.